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NFL Fantasy Football
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It is that time of the year. With the early school start and COVID-19, I forgot about this and just realized the first NFL match is in ten days. This is going to be a quick rundown of how this works. A fantasy league is a game where you pick a certain amount of players to form a team and they earn you points. Every week is a match-up between yourself and someone else in the league. The points for each person's team are compiled and whoever has the most wins that match-up. This goes on for about ten weeks, and then the playoffs start where the top teams play each other for the championship (as well as a loser's bracket). Winner of the championship gets to then brag to everyone because they won a virtual game (or win money, but this will be a free league).

Even if you know nothing about the NFL or American football (or detest that the United States has their own form of football and calls the traditional code of football "soccer"), it is simply a game of statistics and figuring out who will give you the most points in the week by adjusting the lineup, picking free agents, and managing bye weeks. 

The league will be hosted on Currently, it has not been created; I need to get a headcount of who will participate. If there is an interest of at least six people, I will create a league only with Acid people (and JV, since I will be posting this there too for more players). If there is not enough interest for six players, I will make a public league, reserve spots for the interested players, and the rest will be filled with randoms. 

Please let me know if you are interested by posting in this thread. Also, I am hoping for creating the league on 6 September and holding the draft 7 September to be ready for the first NFL match on 10 September (stupid Thursday Night Football). Always, please let me know if you have any questions.
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I don't know much about handegg or team management, but I'll join if you want me to.
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