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Rogue and Defiance
From the maker of Jiggshot and Fight V4V...

Rogue and Defiance
*as usual, not a complete game, "still in beta" 
[Image: kuVNtOG.png]

So I've moved on from Flash and tried out Unity. I'm pretty busy nowadays, but whenever I get the time and energy to make games, this is what I make lately. It requires more complex programming than my previous games which were very simple, what with the computer player AI and dungeon generation, so it's kind of good exercise to make too.

The game is a tactical dungeon crawler with permanent death. You choose how your character grows, but you'll need to adapt it to the current dungeon. Your character lasts until death or dungeon completion. Difficulty depends on the dungeon, from normal to very hard.

The current version, beta 2, features 3 characters and 5 dungeons, with difficulty setting and starting items the primary latest additions.

Download link

(download button is on the right, the one with downwards arrow)

Future plans
- At least 1 more dungeon
- More items, probably

Other stuff being considered
- More playable characters, some you need to unlock

Anyway, feel free to try out the game and please let me know what you think so far.
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I couldn't get very far with Bridack, but I quite liked Karmice. I wouldn't mind seeing a difficulty setting for us noobs.
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My current opinion on difficulty setting is that I think I'd rather add easier dungeons instead, because if I add difficulty settings in the form of multiplier to stats, the numbers will stray from the skill descriptions and/or look ugly.

So I think I'd add a couple dungeons that are easier than the current first dungeon (Gray Dungeon) rather than adding difficulty setting.

I understand that the Gray Dungeon is probably too hard for a lot of players who haven't quite worked out how the game works not to mention the more subtle tricks, especially people less familiar to tactical/dungeon crawler games, and the game needs easier dungeon so new people can figure out the game rather than quitting right away because of the game being too hard.
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New update: v0.4 with the following features:
- Holding spacebar makes the game faster, useful when waiting for enemies
- Cancel button on levelup screen (previously you could exit by pressing H but this wasn't obvious)
- Fixed R button bug where you could move multiple times in a turn
- Fixed controls descriptions on the right
- Items now stack to 100
- Some rebalances in skills including Smokescreen+ upgrade now reduces mana cost
- Fixed an obscure bug about camera sometimes moving too fast

Thanks to Mystery for pointing out there wasn't an obvious way of exiting level up screen

Next main features to focus on will be more items and new easier dungeons.
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New update: beta 1! (I'll just call it beta [number] from now on so I don't have to estimate how far I am to complete every time)

This update adds a bunch of items, including equipment which you can equip up to 3 of. Money and shops are also added to the game, enemies drop money that you can use to buy items, and you can also sell items that you don't need to maybe get that better equipment or emergency use item.

A new easier dungeon, Green Grasslands is added to the game, while the old Green Grasslands is reskinned and renamed to Flower Fields. Beginners to the game may now find that their first experience is not constantly losing in Gray Dungeon anymore.

edit: version beta 1b uploaded, it's just a small patch that fixes some description displaying issues
edit2: new beta 1c patch to fix bug where you could just go to the stairs without defeating the boss in 2 dungeons

New update: beta 2!

- Difficulty settings (Hard difficulty is the same level as the game in previous versions)[/size]
- New items
- Readjusted item prices
- Health, Mana and Mix Potion sprites redrawn
- Player characters now start with a few items
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