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What are you listening to right now?

Working on a better future
[Image: WkuV46j.png]
All kinds of shitty music:

(2016-08-15 23:41:05)Northadox Wrote: I don't want to be a stupid-ass hood nigga

Please -
never mind forger the please just change your f***ing signature. Go make your own before I throw a goddamned fit. If you were trying to be funny well you bloody right failed, and if you were trying to piss me off well you succeeded.
(2019-01-28 00:13:22)seitres Wrote:

wtf seit listening to kpop now lol

[Image: fEVlgeH.jpg]
(9:57:59 PM) Ena: dylan I'll stick my fingers in your butthole
(9:04:27 PM) ITNW: grab my pussy daddy uwu Pontoty 

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